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Deck & Cockpit

Interior Space


Design / Performance




Power: The boat is designed so that a couple can live aboard comfortably while keeping things relatively simple. A key feature is the electrical system. Because Avalon carries 2 enormous 450-amp/hr. deep-capacity "traction" batteries, coupled with a high-output 200-amp alternator, she can sustain a fairly large draw with only a moderate amount of engine time for recharging. Additionally there are solar and wind charging systems on deck and a 6kw Northern Lights generator.

Water and fuel: The Sundeer has large capacity tanks carrying 400 gallons of water and 380 gallons of fuel. As with the boat's various other systems, attention to detail and an intimate knowledge of the realities of cruising life is obvious. The water, for instance, is carried outboard in two integral 200gal. side-tanks, and a gravity-fed, cross-linked plumbing system allows for water to be transferred between the two so the weight can be used to help ballast the boat and reduce heeling. The tank fills are positioned such that they can catch all the runoff from the decks when it is raining, obviating the need to run the water-maker. The fuel tanks likewise are outboard to help ballast the boat, with large sumps and drains at the bottom to trap and remove residue, and the vents are as high as possible, cleverly concealed inside the tops of the aft stanchion posts.

Plumbing: Again, the focus is on simplicity and function. All sea water intake is via 2 through-hull fittings that feeds  manifolds with taps to the engine, fridge, toilets, etc., and all output is through a  manifold above the waterline in the stern of the boat. Each of the segregated watertight compartments in the boat has its own electric bilge pump, and a single high-capacity engine-driven emergency pump has intakes plumbed into each compartment.

Access: As mentioned above, the guts of every system on board, including the engine is situated in the aft compartment, which is extremely large, well lit, and well ventilated. Access to everything is excellent, and best of all, it is possible to conduct most major maintenance and repair projects without disturbing any of the interior living space.

Water & Sewage Equipment

Spectra Water Maker
(makes approx. 11 gal./hr. - 400gal. holding tank)

Water heater (holds 20 gallons of hot water)

LectraSan sewage treatment system
(50 gallon holding tank)

Safety Equipment

EPIRB & Fire extinguisher

•USCG Approved running lights
•2 USCG Approved PFDs
•6 Fire extinguishers
•USCG Man overboard array
•4-Man life raft
•3 Auto bilge pumps
•High capacity bilge pump
•3 Water tight compartments
•Engine room has auto fire ext. system

Galerider Storm Survival System



Engine / Mechanical Equipment

Yanmar 88 hp diesel engine with 2477 hours

Folding prop w/line cutter

Yanmar 88 hp diesel engine with 2477 hours
•Holds 390 gallons of fuel in two aluminum
•Dual / Racor fuel filters
•Salt water to fresh water cooling system
•Wheel, chain/cable steering
•W-H Autopilot (Dual System) w/ 20 year

Will Hamm Auto pilot system
(*15,000 miles + without failure)

Auto pilot hydraulic ram

Engine oil evacuation pump (pictured left) &
Metal, water cooling exhaust manifold (right)

Electrical System

4 Batteries located (interior) under Saloon floor.
* Notice wood flooring under blue removable carpet.

•4 Batteries (1 engine, 1 generator,
  2-450 amp house batteries in the bilge)
•Northern lights generator
•Wind generator
•Solar panel
•Galvanic isolator/isolation transformer
•110V AC/12V DC/220V AC systems

Solar charging system

Shore side connection: 220volt 30 amp
Engine Throttle & Gearshift


Dedicated Propane tank locker with safety drains. Connects to Force 10 stove & oven



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